The Metabolic Kitchen in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition is available to all UIC investigators for the conduction of clinical feeding trials. Our experienced dieticians develop menus to meet specific study needs, and prepare, package and distribute meals to subjects.

  • Diet specialties

    Weight loss/calorie restricted diets

    Diets to ensure weight stability over time

    Diets that require the inclusion/exclusion of specific food components

    Diets that require manipulation of macronutrient (fat/protein/carbs) or
    micronutrient (vitamin/mineral) content

    Low sodium diets

  • Pricing

    The cost breakdown for running feeding trials is as follows:

    Food costs: Costs for study foods, condiments and containers

    Personnel costs: Salary for the dietician who will design diets for individual study participants and coordinate the logistics of preparing and packaging study meals. Larger studies may require additional personnel

    Annual kitchen use fee: Annual fee based on how many days per week the kitchen is used for the study

Pricing varies from study to study. It is highly recommended that these discussions take place during the grant preparation phase of your project so that adequate funding be allocated to the feeding component of the trial. Please contact Krista Varady to discuss pricing for your specific trial.

Krista Varady

Director, Metabolic Kitchen

1919 W. Taylor St., Level B AHSB, Chicago, IL 60612